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Popular Culture

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Resources in this collection focus on pop culture and entertainment including trends, comedians, celebrity culture, entertainment websites, etc.

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Theory and Research

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Items here focus on feminist theory and research in women's studies. See also: Data and Statistics collection.

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Aromantic/Asexual (Aro/Ace)Collection

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Resources for, by, and about aromantic/asexual (aro/ace) people are included in this collection. Resources for about the LGBTQ+ community more broadly…

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Bisexual Collection

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Resources included in this collection refer to bisexual people specifically. Resources about the LGBTQ+ community in general can be found in the Queer…

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Lesbian Collection

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Resources by, about, or for lesbians specifically are included in this collection. Resources about the LGBTQ+ community more generally can be found in…

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Transgender/Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Collection

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Resources by and about transgender/gender non-conforming (TGNC) individuals, issues, organizations. More general LGBTQ+ resources can be found in the…

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Masculinity and Men's Studies

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These are resources focused on masculinity and mens' studies. Included are advocacy organizations, reports, and other resources by, for, and about…

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Resources about education, including preK-12, preschool, primary, elementary, middle/junior, secondary/high school, and higher education.

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